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    The BlackGirlMagic Advice Column

    What if Dear Abby was your college professor who “did hair” in her kitchen on weekends while making macaroni and cheese in the oven? That’s BlackGirlMagic, and she’s come to NegusWhoRead to fix the bullshit in your life. I don’t think that there is anything inherently wrong with you having preferences as long as you […]

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    Welcome to NegusWhoRead

    What is NegusWhoRead? NegusWhoRead is a place where writers, scholars and know-it-alls unchain themselves from academia, political correctness and society to become free. It is unapologetically black and unflinchingly bold. We expect you to laugh here. We expect you to share new ideas here. We expect you to learn here. We expect you to be both […]