• Humor
    The Ten Commandments of One Night Stands

    One of the trickiest things about one-time flings is selecting a partner who understands and knows what it is. There’s nothing worse than thinking you had a mysterious night of passion and romance, and having that thirsty nigga show up at your job with flowers the next day, talmbout “can we go out to lunch?”

  • Entertainment & Culture
    Tuskegee, Missouri and How to Build a Black Beast

    Last weekend historic Tuskegee University celebrated its 2015 Homecoming in the usual style of an HBCU - unrestrained revelry flavored with the history and nostalgia to which the “Black Ivy League” institution is accustomed. The Montgomery Advertiser sent Albert Cesare - noted for his photojournalism and lack of melanin - to document the weekend, and he returned with what can only be described as a clusterfuck of insults and gut-punches meant to demean the legendary institution, and by proxy - her graduates.

  • Politics & Race
    It’s Time To Admit It: The Police Are Racist

    While the Internet was once again awash in what seems like its semimonthly outrage over cellphone footage of a police officer abusing another unarmed person of color, the New York Times published a story that was far more frustrating and scream-about-able. Selecting Greensboro, N.C.—because of the state’s detailed traffic-stop data collection—the article documented a systemized history of stopping, searching and arresting black men and women that some readers found unbelievable. Meanwhile, black people’s response to the article was even more revealing: “Duh.”

  • Humor
    How to Talk to White People about Blackface

    This article originally appeared on Deadspin here As the inevitable Halloween Week avalanche of white people caught in blackfacehas begun, we present, for your information, my keynote address at October’s Secret Global White People Meeting. First off, I would like to thank you for allowing me to address you during one of the busiest times […]

  • Humor
    The Caucasian’s Guide to Black Churches

    Eleven a.m. Sunday morning was once called “the most segregated hour in America,” but as the nation becomes more diverse, so do its institutions of worship. Steeped in traditions passed down since slavery, churches are one of the cornerstones of the African-American community, and navigating the subtleties of these Black houses of praise can be challenging. Luckily, we have assembled here a comprehensive guide that will help those of Caucasian descent when visiting this unfamiliar territory...