• Humor
    The Caucasian’s Guide to Black Churches

    Eleven a.m. Sunday morning was once called “the most segregated hour in America,” but as the nation becomes more diverse, so do its institutions of worship. Steeped in traditions passed down since slavery, churches are one of the cornerstones of the African-American community, and navigating the subtleties of these Black houses of praise can be challenging. Luckily, we have assembled here a comprehensive guide that will help those of Caucasian descent when visiting this unfamiliar territory...

  • Entertainment & Culture
    The New Negro and the Lost Art of Shutting the Fuck Up

    It is rare to hear anyone — celebrity, preacher or even grocery store cashier willing to admit they could possibly be wrong about anything. Even when presented with factual evidence, today’s ego-driven star will, at worse, admit that they may have been taken out of context. Serial sayer-of-stupid-shit Stephen A. Smith still hasn’t admitted that there is never a good time to punch a woman, that Black lives do matter, or that he was lying about KD going to the Lakers. It’s almost as if admitting a mistake in stringing his nonsensical sentences together lessens his credibility. As if he ever had any.