Was Your Cookout Lit? – A Quiz

By J. G. The Juggernaut

As one of the leading  sites covering Black cookout-related topics, NegusWhoRead knows you may be interested in knowing if the Memorial Day cookout you attended yesterday was “lit.”

LIT (adj.) When something is turned up or popping …

John : did you go to that party last night

Daquan : yes that s**t was lit

Ladies and gentlemen NegusWhoRead shares with you 20 ways to know if your cookout was lit.

Growing up black in America there are a few things which are guaranteed:

1. Some character in a movie will tragically die and eff up your whole childhood (RIP Radio Raheem, Ricky, Caine, Cornbread, Mufassa etc)
2. Trust me, they think you can dance
3. You will spend at least 6 days per summer at a cookout of some sorts.

Cookouts (or BBQs for the bougie) are a rite of passage in our community that can succeed or fail based on a multitude of factors that ranges from food quality, to bad-ass kid management. With Memorial Day just passing and the 4th of July rapidly approaching it was best to put together a rating system to know whether the cookout you are attending is worth your presence.

Ladies and gentlemen i share with you 20 ways to know if your cookout was lit. Click Below to begin:

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About the author

JG is a poet, comedian, recording artist, and the illest personality in sports radio. When not participating in any of the above activities, he is accidentally winning Gerald Levert look-a-like contests in department stores and gas stations nationwide. He can be found on IG and Twitter at @blameJG

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