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I Just Watched A Woman Describe Donald Trump “Thrusting His Genitals” and We Need to Talk About It

Less than 5 minutes ago a woman appeared on MSNBC alleging that Donald Trump assaulted her. I would post a link to it but it literally just happened, and I can’t recount any of what she said because after she spoke of his “thrusting genitals” I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

A few days ago the Access Hollywood, Entertainment Tonight or one of those shows that document the lifestyles and goings on of the White celebrities Black people can’t tell apart (Don’t act like you know the difference between Blake Lively and Keira Watson. Stop playing) released audio of Donald Trump saying despicable things about women. As America collectively clutched its pearls and disregarded the number one question about this issue (which is: After Ryan Lochte and Donald Trump, why do white boy assholes feel so comfortable talking shit around Billy Bush. It is a question we needs to Address before America can move forward as a country), immediately women began to step forward with accusations of  how he violated them.

In one of the many lives I’ve lived, I once owned a nightclub. I tried my best to create a safe, relaxed adult atmosphere back before “Grown and Sexy” was a fucked-out phrase. After it was open for a few weeks a woman was complimenting me on how much she liked the club, and remarked that even when it is crowded, not once did a man grope her or grab her ass…

Wait. What?

One of the things I am often suprised by is the number of women who have been raped or sexually assaulted and have never formally accused, charged or said anything about the men who did it.  I’m sure if you knew how many women who have been fondled or groped in unwanted encounters, the number would boggle your mind.

But as soon as we heard the Donald Trump allegations, people began to act self-righteously aghast as if they don’t see, talk to and hang out with men like this every day. Half the people reading this know one of these kinds of creepy-ass dudes who only see women as a collection of orifices and genuinely think that women appreciate these kinds of physical advances. It’s an advanced Super-Saiyan self-confidence that I never had or understood.  My self-esteem has always been low-to-middling, but I can’t imagine thinking so highly of myself that not only was I so criminally arrogant that I walked around grabbing women “by the pussy,” but I was comfortable enough to tell other motherfuckers that I did it! 

How, Sway?

Here is why this site exists: NegusWhoRead is supposed to be a place where writers can get free and express them without restriction, so there is a question that I am unable to pose in any forum outside of this one, but I know many of you (both male and female) have been wanting to ask.

How exactly does one “grab her by the pussy?”

I mean, what are the logistics of it? Must you have an evil devil’s claw to do it?  Is there a form to it? Do you grab it like a sandwich, or is it more the way you grab a bowling ball? NegusWhoRead gets to the bottom of the answers because we  are here to ask the questions that the lamestream media refuse to ask.

Because I’ve always wanted to know what men like Donald Trump think will happen. What is their thought process? Is there an ancient reptilian acupuncture secret that says grabbing one handful of a random woman’s titty will block the gland in her brain that produces logic and disgust and flood her vagina with babymaking juice? Have you ever met a couple who met that way? I’ve never been at a 20th wedding anniversary party and heard a woman say “I really didn’t like Jacob that much, but after he squeezed my left buttcheek on a crowded elevator, I knew it was love…”

First of all, every Donald I’ve ever known was a creepy motherfucker (except for the guy who played piano at my church growing up and letter became my pastor. He is a great man, but I have a sneaky suspicion that his name isn’t really Donald). All Donalds are creeps. Donald Sterling used to take women into the Clipper’s locker room to watch the players shower.  Donald Rumsfeld  started the war in Iraq. Even Donald Duck was weird as fuck. Now I know you’re thinking that he is a beloved cartoon character from our past, but ask yourself this:

Why didn’t that motherfucker ever wear pants?

Plus, after an extensive background check, we found out that Donald Duck was never in the armed forces, so why does he wear that Navy uniform everywhere he goes? We know the answer to these questions. It turns out Donald Duck was doing it to get hoes. In fact, we have obtained footage of Donald Duck telling Pluto that he wanted to holla at Daisy, but she turned him down “like a bitch.”

In fact, if we are being honest, we all know a Donald–a guy who seems cool, until you find out that he’s a little bit too rapey. The problem is that we normalize that shit. We don’t speak out to the faces of men who do shit like this, so it perpetuates the actions. I hate groupthink phrases, but that is what perpetuates a “rape culture.”

I remember having a conversation about travel with a group of guys, when a man who I only knew through a mutual friend laughed about how he purposely never answers when a hotel maid knocks on his door, but he immediately takes off his clothes so she can open the door and be startled by him standing there naked. He thought it was a hilarious prank. The rest of the room got eerily quiet. But no one said anything to him.

I later found out that guy was in jail for having a sexual relationship with one of the middle school students he taught.

No one ever says anything. It is a self-perpetuating cycle that feeds on its own manure. Whether it’s a billionaire frat boy, a cartoon duck or a pedophile teacher, we have created a safe space for predators. I know it is not incumbent on women or random men to end the physical subjugation of women, but we should look at how our actions make us complicit in the epidemic. If not, there will always be people who decide to “let Donald be Donald.” And it will happen to your daughter one day.  Even if you don’t agree with any of this…

At least stop voting for these motherfuckers.




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Michael Harriot is a renowned spoken word poet, the host of The Black One podcast and the editor-in-chief of NegusWhoRead. He is perpetually just getting warmed up because he has no chill. He is on Instagram and twitter as @michaelharriot