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Every Argument against “Black Lives Matter” Broken Down to its Molecular Bullshit

Recently there has been a contingent of moderate voices, conservatives, New Negroes and outright racists making the case that the Black Lives Matter movement, and especially the phrase, should be either silenced or done away with altogether. They present varied reasons for their pushback, and just for the sake of time and saving data rates, we have compiled them here, along with the reasons each argument is total bullshit.

It Makes People Anti-Cop: The phrase “Black Lives Matter” is not really a response to whites who kill Black people. It is a response to whites killing Black people and getting away with it. George Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested for a month after murdering an unarmed 15-year old. Darren Wilson wasn’t even tried for shooting Mike Brown.

You know what else makes people anti-cop? Shooting innocent women in the face. Pumping over 137 bullets into a car of an unarmed couple. If law enforcement officers enforced the law equally and without prejudice, screaming Black Lives Matter at a prison dance next to a Black Panther Rally wouldn’t even raise a pulse.

It Has Become too Divisive – There are reasonable people who contend that the phrase “Black Lives Matter” has become too divisive. They say the American mainstream views it as too militant and anti-white, so even though there are good intentions, it automatically turns people off.

Here is the thing: There has never been a movement started by an underclass that has been accepted by the mainstream. Not the abolitionist movement. Not the Black Power movement. Not even the civil rights movement. If Black people crafted a response to racism and violence based on how the majority of white people felt, it would look like brown skinned toddlers on bended knee wearing knickerbockers begging passersby if they could “please spare a little bit of that freedom, sir?” 

White Lives/All Lives Matter Too – This argument is so narcissistic that it is almost the textbook illustration of white privilege. The simple affirmation of the value of Black lives is so egregious in the minds of some people that not mentioning White people is an offense in and of itself. Therefore – in their egocentric logic – “Black Lives Matter” must really have an unsaid, silent “only” prefacing it. Thus, the need for “White Lives Matter.” Using the sound logic of the “All Lives Matter” argument we should also shut down the divisive insidiousness of Breast Cancer walks because they ignore prostate cancer and leukemia. All cancers matter, right?

The truth is, anyone who says “White Lives Matter” really means “Fuck Black Lives” because there are only three facts in the history of America that are not in dispute:
George Bush really doesn’t care about black people
Dez Bryant caught that ball
White lives definitely matter.

Stop Resisting When Cops Tell You to Do Something: You’re right. Everyone should cooperate with any person telling them to do something when that person is holding a gun in their hand. It makes common sense and preserves life. BUT – and there is a very big “but” here – the penalty for disobeying a “lawful order” isn’t death. If we are a nation of laws then the true individual liberties people so often tout means that every citizen has the choice between lawfulness and the punishment for lawlessness. If there is a segment of society for whom officers are the judge and jury – then they aren’t “law enforcement” officers by definition.

Besides, there are certain biological reactions that one can’t control – like 16-year old muscles tightening when threatened with violence, or trying to breathe when being choked.

Plus, have you ever seen the multitude of YouTube videos of caucasians talking smack while carrying loaded weapons on the street (and living to tell the tale) or asserting their rights during traffic stops? African Americans aren’t privy to those same protections. I know, I know. We are all constitutionally guaranteed the same protection under the law, but Black men are said to be resisting with deadly force when running away from officers pointing guns at them. Just ask Walter Scott. Just ask Johnathan Ferrell.

There is a great series of videos that inform law-abiding citizens of what to do when stopped by the police, but just so you know, the phrase “law abiding citizen” is correctly pronounced:

“ˈwīt ˈpē-pəl”

All Cops Aren’t Bad Cops Everyone knows that all cops aren’t bad cops, but the opposing arguers are always loathe to admit that it is statistically impossible for every single law enforcement agency to employ a work force that is 100% capable and 0% corrupt, which means, conversely, that there must be at least the possibility that bad cops exist.

Studies show that people who live in minority and poor neighborhoods are statistically more likely to be the victims of crime, which means the people in these neighborhoods are more dependent on law enforcement for their safety and well-being. It is easy to dismiss the existence of a “small minority” of bad policemen when you live in safe suburbs and don’t need them to protect your life, property or safety. The reason Black populations are so adamant about highlighting corruption in law enforcement and neighborhood policing is because they are the ones who depend on law enforcement and neighborhood policemen. Many of the detractors of the Black Lives Matter movement are the equivalent of vegetarians trying to goad people into eating rotting horsemeat by saying “Well, some of it is good.”

No one thinks all cops are bad, but it is stupid to think that no cops are bad. When asked if I think most cops are bad, I always respond by saying:

“Do you remember that time when good cops went out of their way to expose their fellow cops for corrupt and illegal practices?”


It’s Not About Race Except for those pesky things called Facts. ProPublica recently reported on a study that showed Black male teens are 21 times more likely to be killed by police officers than their male counterparts, and the geeky, numbers-based site FiveThirtyEight evaluated numbers that revealed that 41 percent of unarmed people shot by law enforcement officers over the past two years were Black, even though they were only 14 percent of the population.

Why don’t you address the problem with Black On Black Crime? I intentionally saved this one for last, because everyone from the loudmouth-trying-to-disguise-polysyllability-as-intelligence, ESPN-version-of-Al Sharpton, new negro Stephen A. Smith to Rudy Giuliani to Richard Sherman to KKK leaders have voiced this opinion.

Let’s be clear: There is no such thing as Black-On-Black Crime. It is a catch phrase. A trope. Almost all victims of violent crime are victimized by someone they know. White people hurt White people and Black people commit crimes against Black people. Almost every study shows the biggest predictors of violence are socioeconomic status and the relative segregation of the offenders’ neighborhoods.  When white men shoot up movie theaters or college campuses, it is never categorized as “White-on-white crime” even though 84% of the white victims of murder are killed by white people. Even though 53% of gang related murders are committed by whites.

Furthermore, the notion that Black people are sitting around contently shrugging their shoulders while dodging bullets is not just a fallacy – it’s stupid. The phrase “Stop the violence” is much older and far more ubiquitous in the lexicon of African American communities than “Black Lives Matter.” There are songs about it. There are organizations dedicated to solving it. There are far more marches for it than police violence. It has endured since the 80’s urging Black people to stop committing violent acts against their brothers. Those who raise this argument either don’t care to know, are liars pushing the argument for their own agenda or they are so disconnected from these communities that their voices are invalid anyway.

So the next time someone raises one of these arguments, cyberslap them with this article and inform them of the ultimate reason:

Even if you vehemently object to, or disagree with, the phrase “Black Lives Matter” –

It doesn’t really matter.


About the author

Michael Harriot is a renowned spoken word poet, the host of The Black One podcast and the editor-in-chief of NegusWhoRead. He is perpetually just getting warmed up because he has no chill. He is on Instagram and twitter as @michaelharriot

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  • Thanks for this.

    • Brent Phillips

      The social problems between black and white people exist because they are different creatures. They differ intellectually, physically and temperamentally. These differences result in definable social incompatibility.

      All the other races are just exhausted with blacks. The other races are exhausted by the social pathologies, the violence, the high rate of criminal activity, the expense, the endless complaints, the blind racial solidarity,

      the bottomless pit of grievances, the excuses, and the reflexive animosity – to name a few.

      The white elites explain everything with “racism,” They tell us that we just have to try harder, give more money, more time, more understanding, more programs, and more opportunities for blacks.

      Whites do their best to appease the effort and provide money and support because they are taught it’s the right thing to do – but nothing changes.

      No matter how much money is spent, no matter how many laws are passed, no matter how many black geniuses are portrayed on TV, and no matter who is president – nothing changes.

      Some argue it’s a problem of “culture,” as if culture creates people’s behavior instead of the other way around. Others blame “white privilege.”

      Since 1965, when the elites opened America’s doors to the Third World, immigrants from Asia and India who are not white, not rich, and not “connected” have quietly succeeded.

      While the children of these people are winning spelling bees and getting top scores on the SAT, the black “youths” are committing half the country’s violent crime, which includes viciously punching random white people on the street

      for the sport and the fun of it, crime that has nothing to do with poverty.

      Instead of striving to be an honorable and productive people blacks appear to want to destroy America through their oppositional attitudes, dependency, criminality and ongoing cultural dysfunction. And what manner of people totally

      neglect every aspect of home ownership from maintenance to landscaping, and allow total degeneration and destruction of their own neighborhoods – blacks, that’s who.

      With or without racism, blacks are genetically pre-disposed to behave and live as they do, we’re not going to change that. Unfortunately, those behaviors are incompatible with the modern civilized society of today, and that’s why they

      do not fit in anywhere outside of Africa.

      It’s not racism, it’s not the color of their skin and it’s not the slave ships hundreds of years ago – it’s blacks. It’s who and what blacks are that is the real problem – and there is nothing we can do to change that.

      By forcing us to live and be schooled together serves only to frustrate most blacks. They can’t fit in and can’t keep up with whites or Asians, and that’s when they tend to lash out and drop out.

      I’m truly sorry blacks think what happened a long long time ago is the root of all their problems today, but you just can’t keep acting like anyone alive today did it and you’re the person it was done to.

      As long as you insist on living in that past your troubles will never end.

      There was a time that I cared but I’m sorry, I just don’t give a damn about them anymore.

      • Xavier villaluz

        Wow this is literally one of the most racist things I have ever seen. I’m speechless, especially considering since you don’t seem to “care” anymore that one group has been marginalized more than any other and you feel annoyed that they wish to overrcome it. While I get this, personal choice plays in as well, however you fail to grasp why blacks are perceived to be the way you described and it has nothing to do with genetic inferiority or that they are different creatures which makes your argument sound like it came from the 1800s.

        • Mack Doggs

          Funny how you say “I am speechless” then go on to write a paragraph.

          • Patrick Warren Mays


          • Patrick Warren Mays


          • LegionOfDo

            How do you know he said it? He certainly typed it as part of his comment, but for you to claim that you heard him say it is quite a stretch. What you’re failing to comprehend is that it’s a turn of phrase indicating incredulity. For the free education I have provided you today, you are welcome.

          • James Mcgee

            It’s not that funny. I get him. Black people commit most crime and now, black lives matter is becoming just another thug gang. Committing violent crime.
            This shits not white yellow brown or red problem. It’s a black thing.
            Always oppressed, always the victim minority, always turns extremely violent when other races move on. I work with Mexicans, Asians. There’s no problems . We’re all equal. My boss is Asian.
            It’s so rare to see that in the black community and black coworkers.
            There’s your harsh truth. Black people for all their strengths and weaknesses as people need to worry about themselves first. Not ” hands in the air cop killer wanna be Firgusen”
            Mr original gangsta BLM.

          • ThatOneGuy

            That’s because all BLM advocates are also BLM hypocrites.

        • Jim

          1+1=2, when did telling the truth become racist? If people want to run around screaming black lives matter they need to learn their history, the British only had to show up with the boats, the blacks were capturing their own people and selling them, there’s the origins of black on black crime, blame your own kind for slavery. Or maybe in football/basketball terms you can understand, 2nd draft players(the slow ones) were caught by 1st draft players(the fast ones) and sold them to the British(actually 2 Jewish guys to be historically accurate) to be brought to America. Oh and whites were slaves for 1500 yrs, Jews 300, blacks approximately 250 as far as in America. I think the Jewish community recovered pretty well and as for us whites, next time you tweet, facebook, IM, text, snapchat, instagram, youtube, lets just say the whole internet and all technology, turn to the closest white person and thank them. Peanut butter was a recipe, not an invention.

          • Tim

            You got any proof????

          • Jim

            You’re questioning 1+1=2? you just proved why jails project their growth on 5th grade black kids grades….Isn’t easy to make up history when you need it, google Anthony Johnson, the first known slave owner in Colonial times, who forced John Casor one of 5 indentured servant to become the first know permanent slave, guess what, guess what Anthony Johnson was black, he went to court demanding it and won, so than black Anthony Johnson as the pioneer of American Slavery.

            And read your history books, not what you parent’s made up, whites didn’t invent slavery, it was live and well in Africa for years before black people had ever see the first white people, tribes were enslaving tribes that they considered inferior, and all we had to do was show up, they wouldn’t let us past the coast and we didn’t need to, and when we started supplying them with guns, African armies captured and killed more of their own people… yes the slow ones were caught by the faster stronger ones. As for the Jewish involvement, Jews owned, insured, and financed slave ships and outfitted them with chains and shackles for the Trans-Atlantic slave trade. They were auctioneers, commission merchants, brokers, and wholesalers, keeping the slave economy oiled with money, markets, and supplies.

            As for thanking a white, Twitter 4 white guys, Facebook 5 white guys, texting(SMS 1 white guy, IM/Online chat 3 white MIT employees, Snapchat 2 white guys and Reggie Brown who contrary to his name is white, instagram 2 white guys, you tube 3 white guys, the whole internet was 2 old white guys, oh and since the blacks invented slavery in Africa decades before whites showed up, I guess we also invented Freedom.

            Oh, and I just gave you peanut butter cause that’s what you were told, actually the Aztec’s gave us peanut butter, the first machine patented to make peanut butter was made years before John Washington Carver was old enough to go to college to study peanuts and sweet potatoes, Harvey Kellogg also patented and perfected the process, and Peter Pan and Skippy were the first commercially sold brands, not John Washington Carver’s Fancy Peanut Spread.

            I can’t believe I typed all that, but if you’re too lazy to google for yourself and read… might be a black person. And “you might be a” was invented by Jeff Foxworthy….a white person.

          • Aveles

            One strike against us though .. facebook. If I could get my hands on that Zuckerberg douchebag it’d be hard not to smash his head in. That guy should be lowered into a wood chipper feet first while fully awake and aware…. otherwise yeah… we made all the cool stuff.

          • Jim

            And we know they didn’t invent Fathers Day, as that is the most confusing day in a black child’s life each year.

          • James McGee

            Sounds like a psycho issue there.

          • VeriradLLC BruceBerry

            Yes its called recorded history. A black slave cost the same as a small farm in 1860 America,
            Just as today, working class white person never had anything to do with black slavery or black lives matter., Its was a game of rich, (usually white) Americans. 90% of Americans have nothing to
            do with Black issues, nor the time, because their to busy working two jobs trying to support the family. For me, health Insurance and electricity are 1,000 times more important than someone getting shot for not obeying cops. I have been in the situation once, and have to ask why would you disobey anyone with a gun, cop or not, they have control or its their choice to shoot you.
            But BLM is not about saving lives or they would pound the fact that you have to obey cops to survive. It makes me laugh and totally invalidates their argument when BLM ignores suspects
            resisting arrest and fighting with cops before they are shot. Or the long criminal record of the suspects, like that is not going to be a big factor in the suspects decision to resist.
            BLM = Bullshit.

          • jackson

            If you do your history, black people sold black people way before the whites came in the picture.

          • Basil Malik

            DO you ever read anything or you just have these erroneous little tidbits memorized. Let’s give it some context shall we (a skill set that always seem to be lacking by those that present this argument). African concept of slavery at that time was not the ‘murican version. “Slaves were treated almost as family or to put it differently, African slaver was not even remotely as cruel. The people were at war with other tribes and thought they were ridding themselves of their enemies.
            The had no idea of the cruelty, inhumanity, brutality, savagery of white people’s chattel slavery.
            The thing is you throw that out there as if that absolves your people of their evilness. It doesn’t. What else you got?

          • Basil Malik

            DO you ever read anything or you just have these erroneous little tidbits memorized. Let’s give it some context shall we (a skill set that always seem to be lacking by those that present this argument). African concept of slavery at that time was not the ‘murican version. “Slaves were treated almost as family or to put it differently, African slaver was not even remotely as cruel. The people were at war with other tribes and thought they were ridding themselves of their enemies.
            The had no idea of the cruelty, inhumanity, brutality, savagery of white people’s chattel slavery.
            The thing is you throw that out there as if that absolves your people of their evilness. It doesn’t. What else you got?

          • paul Odene

            And still do…every african nation and haitinhave slaves today.

          • paul Odene

            And still do…every african nation and haitinhave slaves today.

          • Aveles

            Yes. it’s called Google you ignorant putz and it’s where you learn things like the fact that 99.8% of all inventions a patent was applied for that were deemed useful were created by white European males… yes the people everyone demonizes gave you all of everything that makes your lIves worth a fuck. Without white people ever existing blacks would have nothing. No televisions, cars, electricity, radios, computers and anything else with more than two parts. Without black people ever existing we’d have…. well a better world probably.

          • Patrick Warren Mays

            Umm, I don’t want to be “that guy” but you know he’s right. I mean, just an hour or two of research shows his statement is valid..

          • Aveles

            Ooooooh snap. All this time I was giving them credit for peanut butter. Okay well then we invented everything worth a damn and they…. I don’t know… ruined music?

          • Jim

            Oh, they invented pants on the ground, don’t they realize how gay that looks? I don’t cross the street anymore worried I’m going to get mugged when I see a black guy coming at me holding his pants up with his boxers showing, I cross the street worried I’m going to get ass raped as he looks like he’s advertising he wants it. I’m like Tom from The Boondocks, I’m afraid of being anally raped. Not from blacks, from anyone!

        • VeriradLLC BruceBerry

          Nigerians think Black American culture is bad, Caribbean Blacks are insulted if called “Black”. They say “I’m island black”. Claiming to be black is being racist. I have never identified or cared I was white. Color simply does not matter unless that person wants it too, and that is what makes a racist. Just like Martin Luther its the character and belief system that matters.
          Black lives matter is racism. I have had cops shove a gun in my face for nothing. I fear and respect cops. I obey cops. I don’t mess with cops. I avoid cops. I don’t go out and hang on the street after dark. I don’t drive at night without a direct reason or purpose. These are the
          reason cops stop your ass, not your skin color. Every incident that has happened had a reason initiated by the victim. So play stupid games win stupid prizes, is true.

        • It is racist, but so is BLM. He doesn’t care, but neither does BLM. One thing about racists, is that they breed more racists. That’s why race is such an effective tool for maintaining social order. BLM advocates for elites of color, not the working class African Americans they exploit politically. They are white nationalists in blackface, they are the hard right, NoI style…. Read late Malcolm, NoI killed him for becoming a leftist, and rejecting his race. Race itself is a social construct, it is not essential, it only exists because it helps perpetuate and recreate our social order. Racialists don’t like when people say it out load, because it blows their cover, but I’m saying it.

          • Basil Malik

            BLM is racist. WHy is that so? I’m curious. Provide facts please and not white fragility logic. Thank you.

          • James Mcgee

            You assholes run around pretending to be victims to everyone everything, your violent as hell. You break shit, you throw chairs s at innocent white people because you’re racist, you say criminals like Michael brown are victims while ignoring the drive by down the st, you block off traffic lime assholes and have no care of the ramifications of that in people’s lives, you chant kill cops when cops kill a 1000th of people black thugs line yourself kill AND they actually kill more white people. You scream kill all white babies, yeah look that bitch up…
            Everything EVERYTHING you do is extremely violent, extremely bias, thuggish and don’t dare compare yourselves to MLK. He would have puked.
            As far as bring fragile, if you ever f with me or my fam or friends in your violent way , they’ll be bikers with guns on you as fast as you can cry victim.

          • Basil Malik

            blah blah blah, sorry Chad… in the spirit of running down racial flaws with hyperbole and simplistic generalizations so a bigot can understand them… The majority of blacks kill other blacks they consider their enemies, rivals, often times in an exchange of violence or the endless threat of repercussions from the streets. White people kill their family members, rape their children, kill elementary school children, bomb buildings, almost always killing the most vulnerable at the most vulnerable times..
            As far as you bloviating about what you would do, it is nothing more than the fragile bitch in you. Men don’t have to create imaginary threats. First of all, nobody’s coming to your trailer park to get you. A real man, unafraid of any dangers that may come his way, is prepared for it and doesnt have to speak on it. What you just did was nothing more than the trait of a coward.
            And you can run off all the lack crime this or that, one fact remains true. The greatest threat to a white woman, a white child, a white family is a white coward like you.

      • Mary Burrell

        Wow, racist much.

        • Aveles

          If you are going to use words without meaning, like “racist”, you might in the future want to add something else to your comment otherwise it just wastes people’s time. When you just say “Wow [meaningless, beaten to death word] much.” You tell the world you have an empty brain but still want desperately to feel included.

          • James mcgee

            You didn’t say a dam thing. She made sense. The previous comment was racist but you’re a dumbass. Smoke that with your crack another racist.

      • Keisa

        Brent Phillips — Incredibly sad. This is the quintessential white supremacy response. Unbelievable. I offer sincere condolences to your family and all who have the burden of knowing you.

        • Basil Malik

          No need to do that… his family is just like him, worthless to humanity. You don’t get those ideas in a vacuum.

      • YourDaddy

        Hey, I’ve a great idea: Rather than getting on the Internet and rationalizing the actions of the racist and bigoted black lives matter fucks, how about you get from behind your little fucking computer and do something to make a difference. Seems like you have all the answers with your smug little article rambling about how whites are evil and blacks are just innocent victims. Maybe if there weren’t so many blacks acting like rabies infected monkeys, we wouldn’t have so many getting killed by police ya jackass. So, here’s what I say, let’s have a civil war. Blacks vs white. That’s what you want, right? I mean, what else could it be? This nation caters to blacks, disregards any death unless it’s a black person at the hands of a white person, blacks hold the majority of government jobs, consume the majority of entitlements, the list goes on and on, yet that is not enough. So let’s fucking fight and see who’s left standing. Fucker… Hopefully we cross paths one day

        • Basil Malik

          Sounds like your little bigot feelings got hurt. And who jumps on the Internet all anonymous and offer to fight on an article written months ago? A coward of a bitch defending his white fragility that’s who.

        • Jon Langston

          Yourdaddy… you are so right. It is so nice to hear someone that is not so fucking politically repressed !!
          I am a very successful black businessman…. AND I have found that the majority black scum people are always demanding a handout and then when you help them they take everything they can and stab you in the back. Yes that is my experience for years!
          It is so simple on this planet, it is all about Karma – You get what you give out.
          If all these black colored animals want to bitch about how their welfare check is too small… then send them all back to Africa where black lives really don’t matter. Enough is enough ! Time to take the gloves off. If Baton Rouge Police would shoot 1,000 blacks for every cop that is ambushed… then this unbelievable heinous bullshit would stop quickly.
          … THE statistics says it all !
          Fact – despite making up just 13% of the population, blacks committed half of all homicides in the United States for nearly 30 years.
          Fact – it would take cops 40 years to kill as many black men as have died at the hands of other black men in 2012 alone.
          Would someone please please start a website, black lives don’t matter. com.

          Leo Branton, Los Angeles.

        • James mcgee

          Haha I love you man.. I’m right there with you brother. White brother.
          I love these one sentence rebuttals to arguments like yours. The deepest thought is catching you in a type o to tell you how stupid you are. They have nothing to say but how victimized they are when EVERY OTHER RACE as gong thru some level of opposition and overcome yet being catered to, they still can’t unless they have a ball in their hand.
          You guys asked for this. Way to set back diversity to a point it will never recover. You did it black folk.
          Proud to be white.
          Deal with it victim.

      • Jennyfromthebronx

        “…blacks are genetically pre-disposed to behave and live as they do, we’re not going to change that. Unfortunately, those behaviors are incompatible with the modern civilized society of today, and that’s why they do not fit in anywhere outside of Africa.”

        I am white and I think this is the most racist, morally superior, anti-civilized statement I’ve heard.

        I don’t think this article is very accurate and it actually promones more hatred and division. But the above statement is the worst. You are no better.

        • Patrick Warren Mays

          Nature vs Nurture.

        • Patrick Warren Mays

          Nature vs Nurture.

      • Patrick

        This is harsh but so true.

      • chunli1245

        The Internet is full of race bait bs. Seriously people on the Internet will have you thinking that Everyone is against everyone! Then when you actually go outside you see Whites and Blacks sitting down laughing and having a good time. I smh at all this (I know it all hate.) Online. Truth be told you will meet waaaay more people Black & White. That want to meet new people and hang out. Then you will people that obsess over race.

  • Peter

    Real talk

  • excellent truth

  • You wrote the hell out of this. This is the truthand NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH! on all pints. Thanks.

    • VeriradLLC BruceBerry

      No its not the truth. Truth is obey the cops or you can die. It is the law. It is in the Constitution under the right to protect yourself. Cops have the right to do their job and to protect themselves. Which means you show your hands and you do as the cops asks or get shot. How come black lives matter never brings up the cases where the cops kicked in the door to a black mans house without a warrant, the black home owner shot the hell out of the cops and walked free without trial because the cops did not have a warrant. How about the cop who shot the white teenager because the kid refused to give license and registration, got tasered, got pissed and hit the cop, then cop shot him?
      Black Lives Matter is racism, They get people like you to identify themselves as victims of the system.
      THE WORLD KNOWS AMERICA IS THE PLACE WHERE RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED. THE WORLD DOES NOT EVEN CONSIDER BLM A FACTOR. Its ironic that its the policeman’s right to self protection that protects them in Court. Just as it is a honest Black person’s right to full protection from injury so long as they do not threaten
      cops by disobeying orders. How many people have been shot with handcuffs on and sitting peacefully?
      Yea, point proven. Behave and live. Its what 99% of Americans expect from you and pay good money for
      cops to make sure it happens. Deal with it.

      • LegionOfDo

        The truth is the truth, not the fantasy you racists try to present as reality.

  • correction: on all points.:)

  • BitterBitterTruth

    While only 13.2 % of the American population is black:
    67% of black households are single parent

    72% of all black babies born out of wedlock
50% of all black kids don’t finish high school
52% of all violent juvenile crimes are committed by blacks
45% of all drug offenses are committed by blacks
    85% of all violent interracial crimes are committed by blacks
    79% of all robberies are committed by blacks
    80% of all shootings are committed by blacks
    59% of all murders are committed by blacks
    49% of all murder victims are black
    93% of all black murder victims are murdered by another black
    33% of all crimes are committed by blacks
    All data was requested by President B. H. Obama
    All data can be found at the non-partisan website:

    • AOM

      Interesting, given that those statistics are far worse for men. So I assume you hate all men more than you hate black people?

      • Truckercapjim

        No one is saying they hate black people or men or women. Why do you make these inferences? The relevance of your rebuttal is questionable. Just because men commit more crimes than women does not mean black people do not commit more crimes than white people. And that’s what this is about. BLM is trying to make a civil rights (people of all color) issue into a black v white racial issue. It is not about race. It is about police/internal affairs corruption, misuse/abuse of power, and the violation of HUMAN rights. People of all color are ALREADY guaranteed the same rights under the law. By making it a race issue, you are distracting from the root of the issue which is corruption. It is corruption, NOT RACISM, that allows a cop to kill, for the law does not specify which race should be allowed to be murdered. ENFORCE EXISTING LAWS AND THERE WILL BE NO PROBLEM. BLM is taking the light off the real issue.

        • VeriradLLC BruceBerry

          It has nothing to do with corruption. Cops have the same right to protect themselves as blacks or anyone else. Its about criminals not wanting to go to jail or people who think they have the right to threaten a cops life by disobeying orders. Think about it, if you ignore a cops orders you are threatening his life. Its a hard truth to accept but its the facts.

          • Truckercapjim

            Totally agree, but do you really believe there is no corruption in police departments across the country? Do you really believe there’s no problem in policing? You think just because someone has a badge, they’re perfect and they never have bad days or off-kilter prejudice and judgement? The Dallas police chief said it best: “We’re asking cops to do too much in this country.” Pretty much all amendments 4 through 10 are being bent or loosely interpreted or arguably ignored on a daily basis. I understand cops have a tough job with a ton of responsibility. That’s why they need to be trained extremely well. Policing should be looked at and treated as a high-skill job. Right now, I think you would agree, it’s not looked at as high-skill.

        • James Mcgee

          I’ll say I’m sick of black people. I’m way way sick of them.

      • James mcgee

        A feeble attempt to spin shit..
        Deal with the facts and instead of going to BLM rally, go home and see your kid or go to a committee center and help the fatherless kid..

    • El Diablo

      black people are fine,, but its time to exterminate the niggers !

    • VeriradLLC BruceBerry

      Bitter: Thank-you for showing the truth. But Black Lives Matter ignores these facts and that is why they will always fail. Facts count in Court, so failure is a given for BLM.
      Single parent homes, young unwed mothers, means poverty, but more important and overlooked is it means the kids do not have the advantage of being raised in the presence of maturity. If your old man is a judge or
      businessman or engineer then the lesson of tolerance and stoicism is available for you to pick up.
      If your only parent is a 23 year old single mom, who was raised by a young single mom too, your friends have single moms. Those important lessons are not available. You grow up under the street pecking order and might makes right. 67% of black kids have no generational contact.
      There is a reason for the “Going Ratchet” videos on YouTube. The maturity level is just not there for urban poor.
      Black Lives Matter, the media, Obama refuse to address this issue and cause more death and destruction by
      blaming cops or white people with nothing to do with black issues.

  • Imagine that you’re sitting down to dinner with your family, and while everyone else gets a serving of the meal, you don’t get any. So you say “I should get my fair share.” And as a direct response to this, your dad corrects you, saying, “everyone should get their fair share.” Now, that’s a wonderful sentiment — indeed, everyone should, and that was kind of your point in the first place: that you should be a part of everyone, and you should get your fair share also. However, dad’s smart-ass comment just dismissed you and didn’t solve the problem that you still haven’t gotten any!
    The problem is that the statement “I should get my fair share” had an implicit “too” at the end: “I should get my fair share, too, just like everyone else.” But your dad’s response treated your statement as though you meant “only I should get my fair share”, which clearly was not your intention. As a result, his statement that “everyone should get their fair share,” while true, only served to ignore the problem you were trying to point out.
    That’s the situation of the “black lives matter” movement. Culture, laws, the arts, religion, and everyone else repeatedly suggest that all lives should matter. Clearly, that message already abounds in our society.
    The problem is that, in practice, the world doesn’t work the way. You see the film Nightcrawler? You know the part where Renee Russo tells Jake Gyllenhal that she doesn’t want footage of a black or latino person dying, she wants news stories about affluent white people being killed? That’s not made up out of whole cloth — there is a news bias toward stories that the majority of the audience (who are white) can identify with. So when a young black man gets killed (prior to the recent police shootings), it’s generally not considered “news”, while a middle-aged white woman being killed is treated as news. And to a large degree, that is accurate — young black men are killed in significantly disproportionate numbers, which is why we don’t treat it as anything new. But the result is that, societally, we don’t pay as much attention to certain people’s deaths as we do to others. So, currently, we don’t treat all lives as though they matter equally.
    Just like asking dad for your fair share, the phrase “black lives matter” also has an implicit “too” at the end: it’s saying that black lives should also matter. But responding to this by saying “all lives matter” is willfully going back to ignoring the problem. It’s a way of dismissing the statement by falsely suggesting that it means “only black lives matter,” when that is obviously not the case. And so saying “all lives matter” as a direct response to “black lives matter” is essentially saying that we should just go back to ignoring the problem.
    The phrase “Black lives matter” carries an implicit “too” at the end; it’s saying that black lives should also matter. Saying “all lives matter” is dismissing the very problems that the phrase is trying to draw attention to.

    • S. Durm

      Young black men are killed by young and old black men. Blacks are far more likely to commit violent crimes and attempt to murder police officers than any other race or group of human beings. These are proven facts. The example you mentioned in Nightcrawler just proves the point as to how stupid a person can be. You use a quote out of a Hollywood fictional production as a factual reference to real life? The exact opposite is true. Show any kind of violence or perceived discrimination towards blacks, and it will be plastered all over the media nonstop. You stated that Black Lives Matter has an implicit “too” at the end. Great how you can dictate what is supposed to be implied when it fits your agenda, regardless of if the actions of BLM show that “too” was never a consideration, nonetheless implied. All lives matter. Stop murdering each other, and stop harming people who are not black. That will show that black people really believe “BLM”.

    • gus

      I keep seeing y’all talk about that we r ignoring the problems at hand. What problems are you talking about. You want your share? What share are you not getting? BLM ignores black on black crime. But throws a hissy when its white on black. And it doesn’t help that the news won’t stfu about white on black crime. Its been established the problems with cops bs goes towards all races. N only the agenda fitting stories are focused on. So other than the bs cops killing “”blacks only” stuff. What fair share are y’all not getting? I’m genuinely curious.

      And it isn’t the fact that there is no “too” at the end that we take
      It as only black lives matter. Its the way y’all boo a politition off the stage for saying all lives matter. That y’all turn against and fight any thing that tries to help everyone. And only push toward and fight for helping ONLY ppl that share your skin color.

    • El Diablo

      you’ll get your fair share nigger when you go to work ,, as for you poster, fucking nigger lover ,, go the fuck away or you’ll get a bullet to the head with the blm nigger terrorists. your the wigger marching with the niggers ,, get your head out of your ass or die with them you stupid fuck,, defend blm again and you’ll end up in a hole

    • Jason Caternolo

      Maybe if you pull the victim card from your ass, you could actually make something of yourself, and realize that there’s a world of opportunity these days. Steve Jobs didn’t become successful from pity, he started his business from his garage, while being poor.

  • Bryan

    Hi Michael- great post! I just noticed one thing that you may want to correct- didn’t George Zimmerman murder a 17 year old and not a 15 year old? I hate to even bring up stupid nitpicks like that, but ignorant racists will take any chance they can to discredit you or derail the points you made, and they are important points. Thanks for your work!

    • Derek

      Bryan, Zimmerman didn’t murder anyone. He was found innocent by a jury of his peers. Now, unless you have some inside information that not even the jury knew about, please do tell? It is more likely you gathered your evidence from the media and then passed judgement just like everyone else did.

    • Matt

      George Zimmerman is not white. He is Hispanic so please do not include this in whites being racist because it does not apply.

      • Kimani !!

        hes half german half peruvian- he can still pass as a white person or as a hispanic person. he can still be involved in the “whites being racist” discussion- please use google next time

  • I said this

    This is too complex to address in an article. I DO like all of the points that you made and it addressed what I myself have been saying about blacks murdering blacks. So, what we really need to do is look at BEHAVIOR that causes some of the problems that black people face. Mouthing off to the cops will get you arrested and NO, it should not get you executed. Fighting with the cops puts them into a situation of their life or yours. That is the issue. When it comes down to it, we all want to go home at night. The contemptuous behavior of black people in everyday situations has more to do with their formative years than what they have experienced to that point. An 18 year old has yet to see the magnitude of the racism he believes exists. How about being angry with the people who started you out with too few choices, i.e. poor, uneducated people having children? How selfish. This exists in the white community as well. And while the choice to have a child in circumstances of poverty may be the decision/non-decision of the two parents, it is a society of “haves” that has enabled this to continue by paying for it. When the black community sees that they have been duped by welfare, that this system is contributing to their plight, perhaps they will make better choices. Stop having children that you can’t afford, work towards the educational betterment of the ones that you have and stop looking at white people to save you.

    Also, I want to be clear, the shooting of Trayvon Martin is a travesty of justice. George Zimmerman wanted to be the sheriff and he stalked and killed that young man. No intelligent white person could believe otherwise. And if they did in the beginning, the behavior of George Zimmerman since that crime certainly has changed their minds. Michael Brown? Not the same thing.

    • El Diablo

      the shooting of Trayvon Martin,,, the nigger got what he deserved

  • Mick Diesel

    How can people not take this whole thing into respective. This isn’t just about black people, and this isn’t just about white people. This is about the part of community (white or black) that can’t deal with each other coexisting. My thing is I don’t give a f@ck what color you are, the only thing I care about is what you bring to the table of humanity. I’m white and I grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood. And I’ll tell you it’s not about your color it’s about what you make of yourself.

    • I said this

      That’s a lovely hallmark card sentiment, but much too simplistic when addressing racism. If black people wonder why cops “seem” more likely to shoot black people as opposed to shooting any other race, they need only look to their own neighborhoods and the reputation that is being developed there. Gang shootings keep the average folk away. When one person asks another “is it a bad neighborhood” they generally mean, “do black people reside there?” When cops respond to shooting after shooting involving black people, you can’t blame them for being a little on edge and perhaps even quicker to draw their weapons when dealing with young black men. The best that the black community can do for itself at this point is to begin speaking out, LOUDLY, against this continued violence in their communities. When BLM holds a press conference, counter with one. I KNOW there are more black people than show up at these rallies. One can only assume that their absence is a statement.

  • Cole

    What I find so irritating is that when a white person kills a black person, the #blacklivesmatter community are seen everywhere. Today I saw on the news that a nine year old black boy was killed by three black man, brutally killed. And guess what? NOT ONE WORD SAID BY THEM. Not one word was said by the community of them.

    • Derek

      It’s because these “movements” cherry pick events to support their cause.

      • Calling someone a liar for stating their perspective is a great way to create dialogue, Michael. Perhaps Cole has read some information that has swayed his opinion in much the same way that you read/promote literature that promotes yours. How do you expect to initiate change with others who have differing opinions when the way in which you do so is to call someone a liar?

      • ret

        you’re a fraud and a little crybaby bitch to boot. as usual , (just like your ilk) you comprise stats without including per capita information which skews the results. blacks are 12% of the population. whites 65%. which translates to blacks committing 10 times the amount of murders. now go get your fucking shine box. bitch.

        • S. Durm

          Funny how facts mean nothing to these people.

    • S. Durm

      When a negro is killled by a negro, BLM doesn’t apply. In the .00001 percent where a negro is put down by a cop (almost 100 percent of the time with good reason), BLM will be there to continue blaming their problems on others.

  • First, im Black. Very Black. Born and raised on the streets of Philly—1 block from the “MOVE” bombing. Another “brother” Raised in this seemingly unfair society……However, I got off my a** and decided to do something about it. I removed my children from private school in Radnor Township, and enrolled them in the neighborhood very “Black” public school. Being that my wife and I have a business where we work from home and had the flexibility to do so; we volunteered in the school every day for 3 years and this is what we found: Black parents, Black culture undervalues education. Black culture cares little for their children’s upbringing. Black culture is cantankerous, boisterous and petty. My Black wife and I could not get more than 3 parents to invest in the infrastructure of their failing school, show up meeting where they ultimately would have the vote to determine school budget spending or even show up to meet with their teachers. Its as if my people think things are supposed to “magically” work—-but none want to put in the work—the tedious, monotonous, hard, glamour-less work. I have learned that my community wants to be given everything and it doesn’t and shouldn’t work like that.

    “Black lives matter”? not to Black people it doesn’t. The honest sad truth is that white people care more about our lives than we do.They go to school to become doctors to save your black a** when you get shot. They go to school to become engineers to build the bridges you cross to work and building where you can even go to work. Does “PO PO” clap at our a**es at a disproportionate rate? Yes–because we act like “beasts” at a disproportionate rate. Black people stop it! Brother Harriot–stop it. You know what it is. In the heart of your heart “you know how we “is”. C’mon bruh– we need to stop this pro Black victim BS.

    Now!! on behalf of all the other Black people in America—thank you White people. Thank you for your wonderful inventions. Thank you for the relative peaceful society you have created. Thank you for the hospitals you have constructed to heal my shot up brothers and ailing grandmother. Thank you for your generally kind attitude—clean neighborhoods and organized police force to keep Jameer, Tyriek…..Tyreik….Tyreek…..Tirykee…Tyerik, Dante, and Malik from coming in my home and killing my family for our “loose change” jar…..and finally—thank you white people for inventing the internet and computer to which Mr. Harriot was able able to drop his jpg. image, pay a host and publish his thoughts on how much you all don’t care about him.

    • mr. nobody

      That post was beautiful. It made sense unlike 90% of the other comments on here.

    • S. Durm

      Thank you for speaking the truth!!! Much respect to you sir.

    • XV

      While I applaud your work ethic and whatnot, I find it funny that you thank those who unintentionally and intentionally seek to keep you down, almost like Stockholm’s syndrome. Anywho, what I find most interesting and ironic is that you perpetuate the ideal of “white is right” and uplifting western culture above all else.

      • El Diablo

        Put down your kool aid you white dumb ass fuck,,, he perpetuates nothing ,, he is stating the obvious,the man is smarter than you’ll ever be,, take your wigger ass over there ,, on the other side with the BLM you have been marching with in philosophy,,, fucking wigger bastard.Your the first i want buried. Every race has a worthless strain that is tolerated ,, until they cross the line,and the 21st century niggers, your black panther organization posing as BLM has crossed it,, killing at will is a crime punishable by complete extermination.And wiggers like you twisted morons will die with them,, go ahead march you fucking imbecile. I expect to see good black folks along side white folks when we do start the extermination ,, of the niggers and the WIGGERS ! White niggers are the most dangerous,as you are a terrorist stupider than a nigger i’ll enjoy killing them when the rioting begins more than anything!!!! PS- you’ll know me when i whisper ” Stockholm Syndrome ” in your ear. Go ahead march with them XV

    • El Diablo

      And you represent 75% of black Americans, which are good people just like any other law abiding folks. You sir are the man Chris Rock describes as having 2 jobs , works his ass off and is raising decent children not criminal hoods. There are approx. 50 million black folks in America(25%) 12. 5 million are your hood niggers, they are destroying your race and culture and that is why you and all decent black folks need to join the fight,, i mean really join the fight. You must be willing to shoot and kill any of them at any time just like i’d shoot some white trash motherfucker robbing an old black lady, i’d kill that fuck in an instant, its got nothing to do with color.I hate the bad guys and all i see are niggers , spics and muslim bad guys,,,,they all will be exterminated in the long run. Get the fuck off the sidelines and put your gun stock where your mouth is and waste the nigger/spic/muslim bastards. Talk is cheap and they all have got to go ,, all of them entirely and permanently, they have crossed the line ,, the BLUE LINE ! So in summation,, you 75% good black folks ought to be real fucking happy if we good white folks kill your nigger problem that is now all of Americas problem and stop the eventual same thing with the illegal spics and radical muslims! And you sir,heaven research, can be my NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOR ANYTIME, I LOVE SMART PEOPLE. I’M COLOR BLIND WHEN IT COMES TO IGNORANT FUCKS. I’M NOT A RACIST,,, I AM COLOR BLIND WHEN IT COMES TO MY COUNTRY. IF PURPLE PEOPLE ARE PEACEFUL , COME JOIN AMERICA ,, IF YOUR GREEN AND WANT US ALL DEAD ,,, YOUR A DEAD MOTHER FUCKER !!!

    • Joe Cool

      This was an excellent honest post. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with being critical about what is clear to see. One of the biggest injustices that has hit the black community from my perspective is the thinking that democratic politicians have black Americans best interests at heart. Frankly when you stop listening to their flowery rhetoric and actually look at the conditions of the areas where there is high crime where democrats have ruled for long periods of time but have completely failed their black constituents by promising this, that and the next thing with nothing required of these people. It creates a false sense of reality as we are seeing come to a head now and we will continue to hear these idiot democrats push their bs totalitarian agenda. One can only hope that black Americans will soon come to the realization that its democratic policies as well as those of our first black president that have furthered these issues. This is not some sort of endorsement of the GOP however it’s long past time for a complete overhaul of our political system.

  • Michael y

    Nicely said.

  • I said this

    Wow, Heaven Research, wow! I once posed the question to a Jewish friend, “why is it that the Jews have been able to establish themselves so well post holocaust, which happened only 70 years ago, and yet the black community cannot seem to get past slavery?” Her response was, “what is the one thing that can never be taken away from us? Our education.” So, you are right on this point. And even though most anti-poverty groups will talk about education as the way out of poverty, the downright contempt of black people towards anything that could actually help them afford that Louis Vuitton is frowned upon.

    I rode the city bus for 30 years (did not own a car), so I’ve had an ample sample of the black community and their outrageous emotional behavior. That is why I stated in my previous post that the least educated should not be the most reproductive, that the decision to have children should be taken more seriously and parents (plural) should care about what they can provide for their children IN ALL ASPECTS, i.e. quality home, time, values and education. The no child left behind bullshit left out the most important aspect in getting ahead: good parenting.

    I find it quite unfortunate that you, Heaven Research, will be judged on the same level as the street thug, or that asshole Michael Harriot, ad nauseum. That is the sad fact. And we all must stand up for the social contract and let people like Michael Harriot know that he can certainly ask that we all come to the table, but cannot shove anything down our throats. That man is self-loathing. You are not. And I thank you. You see, I didn’t invent anything. But I care. And I am white. And what other white people see as my anger, black people identify as “passion”.

    P.S. I love the article about Diane Latiker. She’s stronger than ANY of those knuckleheads with pistols.

    • As an adendum to my initial post; I would like add —that to criticize Black people for the sake of critisism, I believe, is generally unproductive. This was not the intent of my initial post as I assume was not your intent either. Unforunately, for many people; the conversation does end up as a critique of African American behavior with no true means of dialog on the matter.

      I speculate that, in reality, many people are not equiped to discuss these issues any further than a general critique—although I do not doubt such criticizms are warranted and do come from first hand experience—such conversations lack much in the way of productive discourse. I believe such discourse; however, should include what we do know of human behavior from a biological perspective. What I speak of is evolution; in particular evolutionary psychology, and even more particularly ; “environmental determinism”.

      In short, it can be reasonably inferred from some research that; the behavior we witness in many Black Americans to be as the result of hard wired biological processes. On the one hand, as Europeans faced “evolutionary bottlenecks” brought on by a number “glacial maxima” events which covered great expanses of the northern latitudes; European reproduction heavily favored the industrious and inventive; whose traits would have accumulated in those who found ways to survived the harsh weather. On the other hand; those in more temperate climates would have not experinced bottle necks brought on by these types of environmental pressures, and hence the accumulation of certain traits to predispose those people to a certain level of industry and ingenuity.

      There is a substantial amount of evidence in a number of academic fields which point to this type of conclusion. However, this line of reasoning is controversial at best and would certainly not be admitted as valid evidence toward influencing social policy–let alone causal conversation on the matter.

      On the one hand; such behavior could be seen as a deficiency in the context of many modern societies. However, such “Black” behavior devoid of Western influnce can and have shown to be very successful in other enviroments.

      My ultimate point is; although we critisize the behavior of many Black Americans; they may be no more culpable for their behavior than humans are in general for a number of implulses, and desires to which we are driven by. Such cultural behaviors and the responses we see—for example, oppositional behavior toward police and many other constructs of Western society should begin to be discussed outside of the framework of traditional sociological discourse.

  • bob saget

    Just because more black people get killed by cops doesn’t mean the system is racist, it just means there are more stupid black people being ignorant and disrespecting cops and ending up getting killed because cops are scared for their lives and they are only human. Stop committing crimes and acting ignorant and you’ll stop getting killed too.

  • Presidential Candidate 2036

    Racism is natural. Your biased view on crime statistics is also natural side effect of arrogance.

    How about instead of throwing more wood into the fire, unite people, admit we arent co-existing well together and progress the human race?

    This article is interesting but I see it for what it is, propaganda technique to persuade the minds of people who cant think for themselves(they can, but to call it constructive is false), so they latch on to what seems like a good reason for controversy and attention.

    All lives do matter, seeing as race is not chosen before birth we get what genetics throws at us. That is a fact, not an emotionally fueled opinion. Laws of nature will keep going and wont stop for political differences and racial warfare..which is why I cant emphasize enough how important it is to re-prioratize our goals as a species moving forward. Time cannot be wasted on terrorism and racial conflict in this day and age of Technology, Climate worries, and space exploration.

    Lastly, my point is this; acknowledge we arent going to succumb to goals of eachothers race. Realize more important things making sure we as a human species survive. Once we start thinking like this, real progress will be made, and it will be good.

    • Presidential Candidate 2036


      I will clarify my comment on Terrorism, we do need time spent on defeating them. There will always be Terrorists but to just watch would be ill-advised.

  • SpeakTrue

    You’re an idiot, Michael Harriot.

    Drawing lines in the sand to divide races through journalism – be it anti-black or anti-white sentiment – only serves to further close the dialogue between the races.

    The color of our skin does not matter. What matters is our intelligence, and ability to communicate.

    Consistently striving to identify yourself as the “black” one is enough evidence in it’s own right.

    Perhaps try being “the one”. Make positive changes through action. Not spewing racist rhetoric for blog views.

    • RA

      You are the idiot. A oblivious idiot who is in denial. It is idiots like you who want black folks to shut up and accept mistreatment on a daily basis.

      Go F**K yourself!

      • mr. nobody

        If ‘Speaktrue’ is oblivious then their not an idiot they are just unaware. And they said that people shouldn’t be saying that color matters, and that its what you do that matters. So their not saying black people should shut up, their just saying that you should make a good example of yourself and more people will stop thinking that black people should shut up. But when you say that they should go ‘F**K yourself!’ People will start thinking that that your dicks and they will stop listening to you.

    • RA

      If only the organizers of Black Lives Matter would have invested just a little more time and coined the movement, “Black Lives Matter, TOO!,” then that would have shut up the racists and New Negroes.

      Is it too late for the organizers to change the name?

  • mr. nobody

    Wait so saying all lives matters is narcissistic? And when a senator says that all lives matter(including the black ones) he gets booed until he takes back the statement and says that not all lives matter, then people cheer for him. And your saying its not got an (only) linked with it? I would love to see what logic is behind this because I’m not seeing any.

  • True equality not more racism.

    If we’re going to talk about equality then let’s treat everyone equal. Let’s fight for everyone’s rights. Don’t pick and choose cuz your guilty of committing the exact offense you say your fighting against. Example: I challenge anyone to prove with factual evidence a single time that AL sharpton stood up and used his platform for the benefit of anyone other than African Americans? As far as I know he never has and therefore as soon as he begins to utter a syllable let alone a word, I tune him out. Practice what you preach, don’t do exactly the same thing u say your fighting against. Lead by example, don’t be guilty yourself. Again I challenge anyone to give me facts of when AL sharpton defended anyone other than an African american. Maybe it happened once but I’m not aware of it. If u want equality, I’m with u, but I’m not for standing up for 1 race, everyone should be equal. When that happens, we will make real progress. I’ll be curious to see who and how many reply but never answer my question. Im expecting responses but no direct answers. Truth is hard to accept sometimes. U want change, support everyone not just those that share your skin color. Practice what u preach. Black lives matter is same as sharpton, only care about black lives. If someone started Latino lives matter or white lives matter they’d be called racist. The fact it’s acceptable to have an organization 100% for African Americans only is disgusting embarrassing and not solving a damn thing. It’s reverse discrimination. How is that solving what u say your fighting against. It the same thing, 2 wrongs don’t make a right. Stand for all or sit down and shut up cuz your not helping.

    • gus

      Thank you. That made more sense than any thing else on this page.

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  • S. Durm

    You are not only making a complete fool of yourself, you are hurting the BLM movement with your asinine arguments. I was encouraged to see in the comments that most people recognized your arguments as utter nonsense. I will throw in my 2 cents.

    1 & 2: Anti cop- You are already anti cop. Criminals do not like police.
    Divisive: Good intentions? You burn down your own neighborhood at the first chance, do not say a word in regards to mankind as a whole, and Black lives do not matter when blacks kill blacks, which is almost always the case.

    3:All lives matter-Leave it up to a black man to argue against this statement. Enough said.


  • cracker jack

    Blm is such bs. I think All lives matter . and that makes me racist. A politician says all lives matter and has to publicly apologize. Y’all will not stop or be happy until blacks are considered the superior race and have laws passed that state blacks have more rights than whites. Just as many whites r killed by cops but CNN don’t talk about those instances 24/7. And if they did. You wldnt see us so easily swayed and n the streets crying for more rights and privelages over other races. We all have the same rights. Get over it. Y’all will call each other nigger all day long. But if a white said it. Most of y’all would have a shit fit. Y’all say “oh but we use it as a term of endearment”. But even if a white used it in the same manner, then “aw hell naw”. Yall flip. When y’all quit using the word nigger, and see it just as offensive than when we use it. Whites would quit too. Quit being so hypocritical. If whites called each other a word. Then tried to tell Blacks that they couldn’t. Y’all would flip. Protest in the streets. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to be treated fairly. But fairly to y’all means being better than everyone else. If its about cops killing innocents. Which is all races. Its just that CNN only covers black victims. Then protest about that. Not run around crying that only black lives matter and not others. And get mad if someone says all lives matter. Cause that sure as hell sounds racist to me. “Oh no. People want to be equals? I’ll have none of it. Only black lives matter and if u say other wise, your racist” get real. Racist hypocrites.all lives matter. Get used to it.

  • mgarson

    retarded chimp.

  • Mary Burrell

    Great read thanks for this glad i discovered this blog.


    Great Article.

  • Joseph B.

    Does no one think that by saying “Black Lives Matter” instead of “Colored Lives Matter”, you’re excluding many different acts of racism and brutality against Hispanic, Arabic, or even Asian peoples? I myself am someone of both African American and Iranian decent, so I can understand that yes, police brutality and a rigged system are very crippling on the black man or woman. However, to say that Black Lives Matter too instead of Colored Lives Matter too, we’re taking all of the collective minorities in the US, picking the one with the greatest influence and populous and saying “Yea, let’s focus on this group instead of all of the groups collectively, and hopefully the rights we get for that prominent minority will fall down to the other, smaller groups.

  • Harriet Jackson

    White lives matter neans fuck black lives. Black lives matter means fuck white lives?

  • Travis

    It’s one more slogan that creates a divide, not unity. The enemy is corruption & a statement that marginalizes would be proponents of justice is counterproductive however well intended. Together we are so much stronger as humans.

  • Rob Wilson

    This is a complete joke. You are lying and your facts are wrong. You are a simpleton and are being led by the same liberal campaign that founded the Kkk. Quit blaming fantasy unidentified racism and maybe address your culture instead. Quit expecting that emotion will triumph over logic and your gimme gimme culture might advance for the first time since Martin Luther King.

  • Haha

    Sorry you act like a nigger no matter what color you are youll get treated like one. And as for black lives matter it’s a fucking oxymoron, stupid African Americans commit over 93% of black deaths. It not white peoples fault y’all rather sell a crack rock or pimp a hoe out instead of getting a education and learning something. Damn grow the fuck up and blame yourself for your own actions

  • Haha

    Sorry you act like a nigger no matter what color you are youll get treated like one. And as for black lives matter it’s a fucking oxymoron, stupid African Americans commit over 93% of black deaths. It not white peoples fault y’all rather sell a crack rock or pimp a hoe out instead of getting a education and learning something. Damn grow the fuck up and blame yourself for your own actions

  • Perfect. I am a white man who heard his father tell a story about an Indiana sheriff shooting a black prisoner far too many times. It was his way of letting others know he was a “Good Old Boy”. You said everything I think when I hear someone trying undercut the meaning of “Black lives matter.” by pretending there is an implied “Only” at the beginning of the sentence. You let your white readers off far too easily but by being more civil than them I think you gained impact.

    I was actually trying to discover who was behind the movement to add “Only” when I came across this article. I cannot believe it simultaneously popped into hundreds of white people’s heads because that is the way they always interpret similar English sentences.

  • You Racist Fucks

    White lives Matter… Niggah.

  • YourDaddy

    Hey, I’ve a great idea: Rather than getting on the Internet and rationalizing the racist and bigoted black lives matter fucks, how about you get from behind you little fucking computer and do something to make a difference. Seems like you have all the answers with your smug little article rambling about how whites are evil and blacks are just innocent victims. Maybe if there weren’t so many blacks acting like rabies infected monkeys, we wouldn’t have so many getting killed by police ya jackass. So, here’s what I say, let’s have a civil war. Blacks va white. That’s what you want, right? I mean, what else could it be? This nation caters to blacks, disregards any death unless it’s a black person a the hands of a white person, blacks hold the majority of government jobs, consume the majority of entitlements, yet that is not enough. So let’s fucking fight and see who’s left standing. Fucker…

  • Bam Bam

    Black lives matter is just a offshoot of other racist groups trying to hide behind a legitimate cause. You feed off scaring stupid people. You are just as likely to be killed by police as a black man as you are being struck by lightening. But keep feeling sorry for yourselves. See if anyone gives a shit.

  • Dyan Shane

    Your so full of it. Just another racist black

  • Seimisi Robert Stone

    What about the hugely dispropotionate Black on White crime rate.?

  • Random White Guy

    It”s almost a complete waste of time to have a conversation based on truths. The majority of the statistics shared in this article can not be backed up with any credible study (hence the reason there are no supporting links to where he found this information).

    So let”s have an honest conversation about how this thing started in the first place. With more than twice as many whites being killed by cops than blacks, why are there no blacks speaking out against violence against whites, or people as a whole? Yet, every protest that is held for the black community, whites show up to share their support in droves. Even though that statistic combined with the numbers from the black and latino community would definately strengthen the case for excessive force by police, blacks focus only on cop on black violence and forget everyon else.

    It is time to call out black racism for what it is. It is no better than the uncle tom era and shouldn”t in any way be supported by those looking to create actual change in this country. How the black community can get behind a movement so incredibly racist blows my mind. They are going to isolate themselves to the point where no one listens and racial tensions bring us to the breaking point.

    Makes a lot of sense to punch out a 91 year old white man, or punch out white women and children. Show me on single example of white citizens doing anything close to this violent, dispicable act against blacks in our recent history. Just one.


    • Each statistic or statement of fact in the article is linked to its source, although your browser may not show the link, you can click on the statement for the source material, icluding studies, DOJ statistics, etc.

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  • VeriradLLC BruceBerry

    He took 3 pages to avoid the truth: Disobeying police can mean death. Black Lives Matter is playing a stupid game, they
    want to legalize high speed car chases to evade police, resisting arrest, assault on a police officer.
    The proof of this game is the fact that false arrest is worth $12,000 if you are innocent. Only people with something to
    hide don’t want to be arrested. Every incident of police shooting an a Black involved a uncontested crime by that
    black person. Only Tamir and the Minnesota man are an exception. The more BLM does it thing the more damage they do in the eyes of the general public. Cops should just avoid black suspects in Black communities, lets see how that goes
    down in the ghetto. You think its hard to survive in the hood now, wait till cops give up on it.

  • Aveles

    Are you really this stupid or are you actually mentally handicapped? Yes, I’m asking the racially biased, bigoted moron who compiled this pile of steaming feces together and called it information. The black lives matter movement is an excuse for the people society has no use for to get out of the houses other people pay for and punish society as a whole for not having dealt with you idiots in the first place….and by you idiots I mean liberals, democrats… whatever you dbags call yourselves. Society has about had it with you people. Hopefully the next time you jerkoffs block a highway people have the good sense to just run you down. You definitely deserve it. The person who wrote this article should be beaten to death. And for f**k’s sake, quit trying to make it a black thing. Not all blacks are stupid liberals. Lots of white people are stupid liberals and should be killed too. Just for constantly making it about color you bigots should be drowned in a river. Sick of hearing you all play the race card. Learn a new trick.

  • Jay

    The ignorance of this article breaks my heart…

  • xxx

    XXXX black lives. All lives matter!!!!

  • Michelle BK

    BLM is going to continue to drive everyone EXCEPT black people away from their movement & against them if they continue having the type of “leadership” the organization currently has. Would you help a movement that has, as one of its top 5 leaders, a guy who encourages rioting when you are the race he’s saying should be impacted by it? If the races were reversed, would you want to help an organization who has someone co-organize a rally and then keep shouting “God d*mn black America!” repeatedly? (He actually said white, not black, but I’m illustrating a point. Insert whatever race you are, and imagine he’d used that. Would you want to help?) I believe in the statement that black lives do matter, but I can NEVER support or encourage support for such an organization. They are just as racist in their words & actions (several leaders, not all members) as the people they supposedly want to fight against. They will NEVER have the support of other races & therefore the majority if they don’t realize that criticizing white people for things they haven’t done as individuals will drive them away. If you want to d*mn white privilege, although I disagree, it’s much different than d*mning white people as whole. If I say “Black people are thugs,” do you think I mean a few black people? Majority? Most? No, the statement implies all – black people in general. Same thing with saying white people/white America. Making racist statements against those whose support you want & in fact need is one of the most idiotic things a person or group can do, yet BLM has done it since the start.

  • James Mcgee

    Don’t bother trying to explain. I personally was interested at first but all your violence and beyond being disruptive and corruptive, just total violence and anarchy. Most white people aren’t interested anymore.
    That holds true with many Hispanic and Asians as well.

  • JaMychal

    This is garbage.

  • Nomad

    *White Lives/All Lives Matter Too – This argument is so narcissistic that it is almost the textbook illustration of white privilege* So when whites do it it is narcissistic and white privilege, but when blacks do it, it isn’t. You are just another person trying to make BLM sound like a peace loving group. But you fail so hard. Just look at most headlines and watch videos of BLM protest, *pigs in a blanket, fryem like bacon* I see soooooo much anti cop and anti white crap come out of that group it isn’t even funny. If you try to deny this, then you are just another ignorant fool.

  • eric strong

    Wow, Michael. Stick to free verse and leave the statistical analysis and rhetorical development to those who have a fucking clue. Hilarious that you so impressed yourself with this specious drivel. Stop studying poetry and take a few Stats classes. “41% of unarmed people shot are black, and they only make up 14% of the population?” FBI stats show that blacks committed HALF the murders between 1980 and 2008, so those number line up. Which is why a black cop is as likely to shoot a black man as is a white cop. And you seem to brag that only “84% of whites are killed by whites.” Do you have a calculator? Can you do some basic ratios? Can you see the inverse relationship there, considering population percentages? And no, you are not just “sitting around” doing nothing about the very real problem of black-on-black crime. You are doing all you can to get people to focus on cops instead of the most statistically-vital issues, and your rambling apologist stance is, by extension, costing black lives. Yes, we certainly have to keep an eye on cops, and yes, poverty is at the core of the problem (although BLM’s Marxist “solutions” will worsen that problem and sorry, can’t use poverty as an excuse for murder), but you are delusional about the very real murder numbers behind the problems. Here are a few more FBI-derived stats (2013, Table 43A) for you and the Black Klan to ponder:

    Murders arrests 2013
    Total: 8,383
    By Whites: 3,799 (45.3% of murders)
    By Blacks: 4379 (52.2 % of murders)
    Victims were about 50/50% white and black.
    Murderers were roughly 50/50
    Blacks only make up 14% of population

    Feel free to pretend that the bias in these numbers is so profound as to render them all fatally-flawed (yeah, I know). You seem to excel at fooling yourself.

  • Lars Mårten Rikard Nilsson

    Black lives don’t matter to black people so why the fuck should I give a shit?

    Your precious movement is nothing but violent thugs throwing a racist temper tantrum where innocent people get caught in the middle, but you don’t care, you’re the victim, you can’t be racist because you’re black, bohoo.

    Fucking babies the lot of you.

  • latimer9

    Wow talk about bullshit… This author has completely misrepresented every single one of these BLM oppositions.

    Point 1- In this one you referenced Reshina McBride, Timothy Russel, and Malina Williams. Reshina’s shooter has been found guilty of murder (by the oppressive black-hating system) and all six officers involved in Timothy and Malina’s death have been charged. So… who exactly is getting away with killing black people. By the way…George Zimmerman is not white.

    Point 2- When did blacks become the “underclass?” Is it when a majority white nation elected a black president? Or was it when that black president appointed a black attorney general? (to oversee national justice) Or perhaps it was back when Michael Jordan became America’s most loved and greatest basketball player. Or was it when the most paid TV entertainer was discovered to be Oprah Winfrey in 2010. Beyonce, Jimi Hendrix, Bill Cosby, Witney Houston, Will Smith, James Earl Jones, Morgan Freeman, Denzel Washington, Rihanna, Nelly, Tupac, Clarence Thomas, these are more great examples of the poor black race falling victim to systematic oppression. These are just the ones off the top of my head. It’s not that the population doesn’t respond well to “underclasses,” it’s that they don’t respond well to lies and misinformation.

    Point 3- It’s not affirming that black lives matter that is “egregious” to me, it’s the fact that you need my affirmation. When you come up to me, demanding that I answer that question, it’s because implicitly you feel that I believe otherwise. “All lives matter” is not narcissism, but rather it’s drawing attention to YOUR narcissism and inherent racism.

    Point 4- You basically acknowledged common sense, and then farted in it’s general direction. Cops are people too, and they have to defend their lives sometimes on a daily basis. They are giant walking targets for violence and disobedience, and they have families that they want to come home to alive and unharmed. Always comply with police, there should never be any “buts”. If you feel you are treated unfairly in a police encounter, fight it in court where there actually is a judge jury and executioner, not in a police encounter (where by the way, they are authorized to be judge, jury, and executioner when their safety is compromised.)

    Point 5- Shanna Lopez, Cariol Horne, Joe Crystal, Alex Salazar, Robert Tasca, and Laura Schook. These are all officers who risked their jobs (which some of them lost) and their lives to fight police corruption. Why we haven’t heard about them (or the hundreds of unarmed white people killed at the hands of police every year for that matter) is an issue you need to take up with the mainstream media, but I’m sure those officers wouldn’t appreciate people like you painting their profession with a broad brush.

    Point 6- Lies, damn lies, and statistics. Data can paint any picture you want it to. For example, according to the Washington Post, 12% of white and hispanic deaths were at the hands of police in 2010-2014, while only 4% of black deaths were at the hands of police. When compared to encounters with police (rather than just population) whites are statistically MORE likely to die in police interactions than ANY OTHER RACE.

    Point 7- Black on black crime results in approximately 95% of deaths in the black community in the last 5 years. By contrast, police brutality makes up about 4% of those deaths, and less than 1% are unarmed, and most of those 4% are criminals with track records and violent offenses. And BLM claims to value black lives by focusing on THAT population?? Rather than the population that has innocent babies, women, children, and elderly being killed in their homes and neighborhoods? Ja’Quail Mansaw (7 months old), Cylie and Caden McCullum (3 and 5), Antonio Smith Jr. (9), Dantrell Davis, Ryan Harris, Romell Jones, Eric Morse, Tyshawn Lee, Shamiya Adams, and many, many, many more. All innocent children who died at the hands of gang-related violence. BLM doesn’t care about these children, but they are happy to herald a THUG like Michael Brown. No he wasn’t a thug because he was black you race-baiters, he was a thug because he was a thug, one who assaulted a police officer after committing a violent robbery. BLM is not about saving black lives, it’s about punishing police.

    This article is the epitome of the whole BLM movement: lies and misinformation.

  • Billyt81

    Decent arguments. I began reading skeptically but the there are some good points and thought provoking statistics backing them up. First question though. Why is George Bush a racist? Cuz Kanye said so? I’m from New Orleans. Tell me George Bushs racism affected his decisions after Katrina. I know rescuers would have been sent much faster if more whites were stranded. Laughable. One more stat for you to defend too. Last year regular black citizens killed more whites than cops killed blacks by a huge margin. As a white male it is a fact I am more likely to be killed by a black man than a black is to be killed by a cop. Whites getting killed by blacks-not newsworthy. Finally. This article is so racist it condemns anyone who dares to utter the offensive phrase,”white lives matter.” Unreal. Classic example of a paranoid race baiter who can find racism in everything and the always present double standard. LOL. Cracker. Out!

  • James McGee

    The hashtag should be #Blackandwhitelivesmatter as to me #Blacklivesmatters is racist towards whites , yes black lives matters but does that mean we should put every white person in jail ?, the answer is no.

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