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Netflix and Chill: What to Stream in April

The Negus Who Reviews Movies is back to tell you about a few hidden gems coming to Netflix and Amazon Prime, lest you miss a few classics or something just entertaining enough to watch before you “chill.”




Yeah, now I remember why I don’t like dogs.


Deep Impact


I personally attribute Obama’s presidency to this movie. A cool calm and collected Morgan Freeman as a reassuring national father figure as a comet barrels towards earth in an “extinction level event.” Yeah, Barry O can definitely thank Mr. Freeman for his 8 years in office.


The Shawshank Redemption


Once again Morgan Freeman is perfect. This movie is on my personal list of films that proves that Freeman has always been old.


Quick Picks

V for Vendetta

Transporter 3

2001 Space Odyssey


Amazon Prime



Duh, it’s not like they’re gonna put the Roots miniseries on here. This movie might be too much of a downer if you’re actually trying to “chill” more than Netflix.


The Devil’s Advocate


Part of what I consider the “Southern Lawyer Trilogy” (including “A Time To Kill” and “The Client”) Keanu Reeve’s nails his performance opposite Al Pacino and features a young Charlize Theron.


You’ve Got Mail


Online dating before eHarmony and Tinder in New York. Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks hate each other in real life but don’t realize that they love each other online. Bonus points for Dave Chappelle, who’s possibly the ultimate choice for best black best friend ever.




Arnold Schwarzenegger cares for his daughter as she slowly turns into a zombie. Everyone loves zombies these days, why not?


Pootie Tang


Sa Da Tay. I found out the other week that Louis CK wrote and directed this movie. That’s gotta mean something…I’m just not sure what yet.


Cube Trilogy: Cube, Cube 2: Hypercube, Cube Zero


I’m really not saying you should watch this trilogy, I’m just hoping that you’ll watch this trilogy. This set is a personal B-Movie favorite of mine. Crazy physics theory and interesting action meet for a worthy lazy weekend afternoon marathon. For the record, start with Cube 2, then Cube, then finish with Cube Zero. You get the coolest flick out of the way first then you have the option for the deep dive of sci-fi goodness.


Quick Picks

Batman (1989)


Risky Business


The Big Lebowski


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