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Stacey Dash and the Psychology of Puppets

There is a little-known technique in some areas of psychology called “puppet therapy” in which patients use dolls or puppets to express emotions and points of view that they are uncomfortable saying themselves. The puppet becomes a de-facto voice for the person to vent their feelings freely and release their true thoughts, because, after all… they’re not saying it… it’s the doll.

Slick-thinking media operatives adopted this technique a few years ago. There have always been  porch monkey marionettes willing to be the mouthpiece of anti-black elements embedded within the power structure. I know this sounds like a conspiracist hypothesis, but ask yourself this:

Do you think there is a single American who takes Don Lemon seriously as a journalist? Does he possess some irreplaceable charisma that people clamour for when he reads the teleprompter or delivers his inane commentary? Aside from the fact that he continually twists any argument so that he can land on the opposite side of Black people as if there was a Klansmen whispering into his earpiece, he seems to have no other particular qualifying skill. Ok, I’ll admit that he does pronounce the words correctly but there’s an overzealous asshole nerd in every fifth-grade classroom in America raising his hand, begging to be chosen to read aloud that could do that job. When the Columbia Journalism Review named him the Worst Journalist Of 2014 CNN renewed his contract. At this point there is no logical argument to be made why he is the signature newsman on the signature news network except that they want that shit. They know he is a coon, but what’s worse is they know that we know he is a coon and they still don’t give a fuck. One can only reach one conclusion: He is their puppet. Don Lemon is there to say “nigger” when CNN pulls his string.

Like when every other month, Raven Symone opens her rooster-headed mouth to let some stupidity escape. However you feel about Whoopi’s semi-StepinFetchit tendencies, at least she has a long career of standing in front of an audience that paid to hear her thoughts. When I heard that Barbara Walters — probably the most trusted newswoman in the history of American journalism — was being replaced on “The View” by Olivia from the Cosby show, I was sure that someone was trolling me. There was no way those white housewives parked in front of TV’s ironing dress shirts while doing Kegel exercises (I just assume that’s what stay-at-home moms do) wanted to hear a former Cheetah Doll talk about politics or culture. I’m willing to bet that if you asked the average viewer of “The View” to tell you about “Hanging With Mr. Cooper,” they’d shrug their shoulders and ask if it was a documentary about a lynching in Mississippi. Raven has “bojangled” so much that she makes Whoopi look like a Black Panther, and her stupidity has been talked about and discussed so much that ABC has to know that she is viewed as having an IQ slightly above a walrus with a learning disability. Trust me, they know. But they keep putting dollar bills in her pocket and broadcasting her to the world because she is so perfect a dummy that you can’t even see the Disney network’s mouth move when they want to want to belt out a “jigaboo” or two. It is puppet surrogacy at its finest and Raven is the perfect marionette.

No, to be fair, one could try to dismantle my argument by pointing out that Don Lemon has an actual skill and resume’. You might even counterattack my theory with the fact that — however airheaded Raven Symone may be — she still has twenty-plus years of celebrity that is its own cache. These are all valid points that weaken, but don’t destroy my hypothesis.

Then you get to Stacey Dash.

If you don’t accept my theory that there are media outlets who purchase personal Amos and Andys just to make them their race-baiting mouthpiece…

If you don’t believe that there is a certain class of Black Uncle Ruckus sock puppets spewing secondhand hate for those who want to throw “nigger” bombs and hide their hands, then tell me this:


Stacey Dash — who had ONE tv show and was a glorified background singer in a movie?

Give me one good reason the most-watched cable news channel has her sitting down and pontificating about race. Make a substantial argument on why any producer, news director or host would say, “I know. Let’s ask Stacey Dash.” Tell me why a station who could bring on any of the 19,247 Republican candidates for President would say, “Nah. Let’s get Stacy Dash instead.”

Go ahead and give me a reason. I’ll wait.

Times up. Here is the answer:


That’s it. It is the only logical reason. Someone at Fox News wanted to minimize the significance of a potential Oscar boycott by placing it in the category of BET, and the NAACP Awards and Black History month. You’ve heard that argument before, usually from a Klansman or a neo-nazi skinhead asking if White History Month would be OK or if White Entertainment TV would be acceptable. As if they didn’t already have eleven months and the other 948 channels…

And some coon-ass clowns to say “nigger.”

About the author

Michael Harriot is a renowned spoken word poet, the host of The Black One podcast and the editor-in-chief of NegusWhoRead. He is perpetually just getting warmed up because he has no chill. He is on Instagram and twitter as @michaelharriot

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