After Watching A Black Girl Being Dragged Like a Dog, Y’All Ain’t Tired?

Y’all Aint Tired?

I meant for it to sound like that. I wanted it to be the opposite of all the other writers making their pens tap-dance because they know White folks is reading. I want it to dog whistle like Donald Trump. I want it to sound like we’re coming. Even if they know we aren’t.

And they know we aren’t.

But, ain’t y’all tired of fifteen-year old boys leaving home for Skittles and soda and ending up watering lawns with black boy blood?

Ain’t y’all tired of black-skinned girls being dragged through the streets with dresses over their heads or being choke-slammed by bodybuilders?

Ain’t y’all tired of of the new millennium overseers putting guns to y’alls baby boys’ heads for being black in white people’s swimming pools? Or their neighborhoods? Or their world?

Ain’t y’all tired of loitering and peddling loose cigarettes being chokeable, capital offenses?

Ain’t y’all tired of bb guns being met with unwarned bulletholes when brown boys hang in WalMarts or at city parks?

Fuck the white people watching, at some point y’all gon’ have to get up off your knees, and please don’t call me for that marching shit again. I was through with it when I saw them drag that little girl across the floor. They’re gonna keep doing it, too. You know it.

I’m tired of think pieces. I’m tired of hashtags  I’m tired of people with PhD’s at the end of their names giving historical context and well-reasoned outrage. I’m tired of unbloodied bitch-ass-niggers saying “if that was my daughter…” I’m tired of poster board, magic markered signs. I’m tired of angry sayings on t-shirts. I’m tired of pansy-ass niggers crying over burned-down CVS and “thugs” throwing rocks. I’m tired of focusing on the educational system. I’m tired of getting out the vote. I’m tired of believing deep in my heart that we shall overcome someday. I’m tired of doing bullshit with my Facebook profile picture. I’m tired of white people standing with me in unity.  I’m tired of Black people retweeting lynchings and then sleeping like babies.

My back is sore from bending over, trying to duck down so I won’t be the one who is standing up. All men are shiftless cowards if they can’t protect their daughters, so we must be some bitches.

I’m tired of being a bitch.
Y’all should be too.

Y’all aint?

About the author

Michael Harriot is a renowned spoken word poet, the host of The Black One podcast and the editor-in-chief of NegusWhoRead. He is perpetually just getting warmed up because he has no chill. He is on Instagram and twitter as @michaelharriot